Bill Pay

Become A Bill Payment Center

Whether you want to become an authorized payment center for PG&E or have access to pay literally any and all bills, CRS has the solution for you.

Key Benefits

  • Easy as 1, 2, 3. Click, scan, collect!

  • Make up to $2.00 per bill paid

  • 1 in 5 customers will use walk-in bill payment service, increasing revenue for the store

  • Pay literally any bill

  • Build a steady and reliable revenue source

  • Drive strong foot traffic and build a loyal customer base

  • Provide a valuable community service

Become A Bill Payment Center

Imaging Technology

CRS has utilized its check scanning ability to enable bill pay centers to process bills through the same scanners. This eliminates retailers from having an additional piece of hardware. The imaging technology also eliminates any user errors in account number entry because we now have access to a real image of the bill. The retailer simply scans the bill, enters the amount to pay and submits the transaction in real time.

Become an Authorized Payment Center

Inquire today to find out if you qualify to become an authorized payment center for utility companies such as PG&E or AT&T. We’ll generate the walk-in traffic for you!


Because our dedicated sales team establishes, trains, manages and monitors the agent network that supports your walk-in bill payment requirements, your compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act and other regulations is assured.

Benefits for you and your customers too.

One in five of your customers will use a walk-in bill payment service. Some are from the 20 to 30 million households in the United States that do not have a bank account. Others want the convenience and security of paying in person and getting a receipt at the time of payment.

By offering these customers the option of paying at a payment center, you capture all of the benefits of electronic payments, including receiving the data in real-time with fewer exceptions. Customers who are looking for a last minute or emergency payment option will appreciate the convenient locations and extended hours, and they’ll rest assured that their payment will get to its destination on time. Plus, they’ll have the option of one-stop bill payment because Walk-In Bill Payment offers them the opportunity to pay all of their bills in one location.


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