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Capital Retail Solutions, Inc.

Capital Retail Solutions, Inc. (CRS) was founded in 2001, employing experts with over 40 years of experience in the Money Service Business (MSB) Industry. CRS, Inc.’s Founder and CEO has owned and operated MSBs since 1977. Using his knowledge and expertise, he built an organization to bring the most qualified technology and financial services to MSBs across the country.

National Sales, Marketing and Distribution

Since it’s founding in California in 2001, Capital Retail Solutions, Inc. has become a National Sales, Marketing and Distribution business with a primary focus on Financial Service Centers and Telecommunications Retailers.


Capital Retail Solutions, Inc. is unique to both the Financial Service and Telecommunications industries, building partnerships with leading software providers throughout the United States. CRS is an elite distribution channel for any company looking to scale their technology or service quickly and efficiently.

AML Compliance

In 2002, Capital Retail Solutions, Inc. developed one of the most widely known AML Compliance programs in the MSB industry, working closely with national and community banks on approvals. We pride ourselves in the ability to assist retailers in obtaining and maintaining a healthy bank account while keeping their compliance programs up to date.

Integrated Solutions

Through Business Relationships and Partnerships, Capital Retail Solutions, Inc. has created a network of both stand-alone and integrated solutions for Master Distributors, Sub-Distributors, ISOs, Agent Locations and Consumers.