Pinless Calling

Pinless Calling 

Offering a variety of pinless international calling brands, the Capital Telecom portal provides the best rates to any country in the world; including Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Access to more brands and additional telecom services creates extra income, convenience for your customers and will increase foot traffic for your store.

Key Benefits

  • Rates to Mexico as Low as 1 cent per Minute

  • The Best Rates to Central America

  • International Cell Phone Purchase

  • Gift Cards to Major Mexican Retail Chains

  • No Inventory

  • Real-Time Reporting

  • 100% Clean Pinless Products

  • Absolutely No Fees (No connection fees, no maintenance fees, no monthly fees etc.)

  • No Rounding of Minutes

  • No Dishonest Advertising

  • No Expiration of Minutes

Pinless Calling

Consumers can finally say NO MORE to tricky phone cards and hidden fees. Capital Retail Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to offering retailers a clean, no hassle product that can be sold to customers that make international calls with confidence. No inventory, no dishonest advertising, no games.


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