A Web, Mobile and API Check Cashing Ecosystem

Smarter Check Cashing

Check cashing has been reimagined and brought into the modern era.

The cloud-based platform has functionality that is unlike any other option on the market.



Dynamic web-based check cashing technology that saves time, space and money



Set rules, administrative controls and fees to mitigate risk and fraud



Built for businesses with one or multiple locations



Sophisticated risk-management rules and compliance features

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Key Benefits

  • Cloud-based

  • Strong administrative controls for large chains

  • Sophisticated risk-management rules engine

  • Flexible rules for setting fees

  • CTR/SAR notifications

  • Built-in OCR (optical character recognition) services for IDs and checks

  • Available add-ons: Check 21 Deposits, Review Center and mobile access

  • 200+ APIs available

Check Cashing Solutions for Your Business

The SmartCheck platform has over 200 API’s available to make your check cashing operation is fully compliant, prevents money laundering and mitigates fraud.

Utilize one or all SmartCheck features to strengthen your check cashing operation.

Strengthen Your Check Cashing Operation

Frequently Used APIs

  • Enrollment ID & Verification

  • Check Guarantee

  • Review Center

  • Check Decisioning

  • Check 21 Deposits

  • Data Lookup

SmartCheck FeaturesAdditional Features

National Negative Database

Automatically verifies each transaction against our national database of bad check writers. With SmartCheck, you’ll have access to the negative data for over 8 million consumers in the SmartCheck network. If the customer has passed a bad check at your store — or in any of the 2,500 locations in the SmartCheck network — the system will notify you before any money changes hands.

Automated Rules Engine

Enforce your store’s check cashing policies automatically – you set the limits. Our proprietary rules engine can restrict check types, dollar amounts, velocity indicators, maker history, and customer history. These customizable settings determine which checks to accept.

Configurable Pricing Rules

Set pricing rules for different types of checks under a variety of circumstances. This includes things like surcharges for first-time customers or combinations of check types and checks amounts. SmartCheck’s advanced pricing rules help you optimize risk control.

Reporting & Analytics

Setting up your check cashing rules is easy with our online configuration and reporting tools. Whether a report about the day’s transactions or researching the status of an individual check, our reporting tools help you run your business.


All data is stored in the cloud and you can be assured that it is protected and safe. Your data is stored and encrypted on your PC with automated backups to data centers. If you have a hardware failure or other system issue, the data can be re-installed on your system.

Returned Check Report

View a returned check report with complete transaction history. Use SmartCheck’s returned check reports to recover bad checks. You’ll have the customer’s photo, fingerprints, contact information, photo ID, and full check cashing history right at your fingertips.

Private Labeling & Customization

For large chains, SmartCheck can be private labeled with your brand name, your logo, and even your preferred screen colors. If you need to integrate SmartCheck into an in-house system or want to use it with a network of sales agents, a custom version can be created for you.

Customer Information Verification

When entering the customer’s address, cell phone number and email in SmartCheck, we will check the supplied customer information against a national database to verify it is a valid address and that it is formatted properly. This helps reduce identity-based fraud.

Maker Research (Account Lookup)

This service combines the nationwide SmartCheck network with multiple third-party databases to verify information on the maker (or check issuer) before you cash the check. Third-party databases look for any negative information reported on a particular maker (invalid account, NSF, account status, etc). The SmartCheck software analyzes maker history within the entire network (currently over 2,500 locations), for any negative information, including outstanding returns or bad account history. Based on the returned data, SmartCheck will provide you with a recommendation to Accept, Accept with Warning, or Decline the check.

Compliance (OFAC, CTR and SAR Reporting)

Automatically checks OFAC list. As part of the Patriot Act, money service businesses are now required to report transactions by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)'s list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs). Our Government Compliance Package makes it easy by automatically checking this list for you. Electronically submit Currency Transactions Reports (CTRs) and Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) directly to the federal government. Automatically receive email alerts when CTRs need to be filed. We protect your data for 5 years. All electronic reports filed with the Government Compliance Package are archived in the SmartCheck system for auditing purposes for five years.

Review Center

Review Center provides you with expert recommendations on checks without you having to make phone calls to investigate. Customizable risk triggers automatically initiate Review Center requests when checks cannot be instantly approved. Transactions are cross-referenced for negative information across multiple networks and trained check cashing experts stand by ready to complete the transaction review process in real time. Typically, the entire process can be completed while the customer waits.

Check21 (Electronic Deposits)

Enjoy significant time savings; more secure transactions and faster access to funds. With direct-to-bank integrations and processor relationships, deposit money directly to hundreds of banks.

Check Guarantee

Guarantee all eligible payroll and government checks for 100% face value with our Check Guarantee program. We can remove the risks of check cashing.


Industries We Serve

  • Check Cashers

  • Money Transmitters

  • Banks/Financial Institutions

  • Lenders

  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Startups

  • Fintechs

  • Currency Exchange

  • ATMs & Kiosks

  • Precious Metal Dealers

  • Casinos

  • Payment Processors

  • Pawn Shops

  • And More!

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