Third Party Independent Reviews


Is your bank or IRS auditor requiring you to obtain an independent audit of your Anti-Money Laundering Program by a qualified third party? Capital Retail Solutions, Inc. is here to help!

Key Benefits

  • We are CAMS certified

  • Risk-based policies and procedures

  • Employee training

  • Action plan to address deficiencies

man inspecting with a magnifying glass

We employ CAMS certified consultants (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) with specialized, concentrated knowledge in the AML field.  CAMS designation is recognized as the benchmark of AML certifications by regulatory agencies and throughout the financial services industry.

The purpose of the Independent Review is to identify areas of weakness or matters requiring stronger controls.  Areas to be covered in the review include a business overview and risk assessment, review of your Anti-Money Laundering Program to ensure Bank Secrecy Act/ United States Patriot Act compliance, review of transaction monitoring and recordkeeping procedures, review of employee training/monitoring, internal monitoring procedures and reviewing of licensing.  Upon completion of the review our consultants will work with you to address any deficiencies identified during the review process.   Our goal is to ensure your continued compliance with BSA regulations.


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