Internet Marketing (SEO)

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CRS offers internet marketing and SEO services for local and small businesses.

Drive Traffic

The goal of these services is to drive traffic to a specific website and provide relevant search results based on the service or product a consumer is looking for. Clients have enjoyed an increase in customers and traffic to their websites, yielding in higher profits and more business.

Internet Marketing

SEO Defined

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This simply means ranking well in Google Search results. A common misconception is the notion that a business is ranked well because it is ranked number one when searched for by name. This is expected and doesn’t really matter if customers do not think of the company by name. SEO attracts new customers by ensuring a business ranks well for keywords customers use to find a service, such as ‘check cashing’. It is obviously good to have a website, but without SEO, it’s like having a billboard with no nearby roads. Help customers find your website and find you, by utilizing the power of SEO.

Your Customers are Online, are You?

In July 2010 an interesting trend occurred for businesses that cater to typically lower economic demographics such as Money Service Businesses (MSB); many of these of consumers began to have a more convenient way to access the internet. What happened? Apple released the second generation of iPhones, the 4. Because of the new model release, the older iPhone 3 had a price drop, making it cheaper and more affordable. Simply put, more consumers have the internet on their mobile phones and are going online. Every day more and more people are going online and searching for businesses and services.

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Since November, 2011 we have offered Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By December 2012, almost 90% of our clients were MSBs or MSB related. When we started in 2011 roughly 45% of our MSB clientele’s traffic was from mobile devices. As of November 2013 almost 75% of our MSB traffic is from a mobile device.

We specialize in SEO for check cashers, pawn brokers and cash advance centers. They are very knowledgeable about how your customers use the internet to find your business. Beyond SEO knowledge, they understand the struggles of an MSB and have even spent time working in the cage with some of our partner locations. CRS has a passion and an understanding for our industry that is unmatched by any other SEO firm. Improve your online presence and contact us today.