Cell Phone Recycling

cell phone recycling

Risk-Free Consumer Cell Phone Buyback Program

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Americans discard over 125 million cell phones each year, creating approximately 65,000 tons of electronic waste. As electronic waste remains as the fastest growing waste stream in the nation, the demand for recycling services continues to increase.

CRS can now provide retailers with the back-end support to offer a cell phone recycling service that can guarantee data security, environmental responsibility and compliance protection. Working with the global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, consumers and retailers have the opportunity to receive cash by conveniently recycling used, broken or unwanted cell phones.


Within a matter of minutes your customer can receive cash and their old cell phone can be identified, approved and submitted for payment.


Using CheckMEND, the largest consumer electronics background reports service in the United States, retailers can verify that the device they are purchasing has not been reported lost or stolen.


No need for new equipment or software. All support for this service can be handled using a web-based portal and entering your customized and secure login credentials. No hassle, no risk.