Prepaid Cards

prepaid cards

A prepaid debit card allows consumers to store money on a card, rather than carry cash on hand.

Key Benefits

  • Make money on every transaction

  • Safe: controlled way for the unbanked customer to spend money

  • Convenient: easy for customers to cash a check and add funds directly to the card or get signed up for direct deposit

  • Viable alternative to checking accounts


For the under banked or unbanked consumer, prepaid products such as a prepaid Visa or Mastercard now give them the option of making online purchases or card swipe purchases at the point of sale. Prepaid Debit Cards also allow the retailers to offer direct to card deposits for payroll and government funded programs for their check cashing consumer. As checks go away, this allows retailers to continue to generate revenue from that same customer whether they are cashing a check or utilizing direct deposit to their card.